I wanted to listen to HF bands using my RTLSDR USB dongle. Since the RTLSDR dongle can only receive from around 64MHz upwards I needed an up-converter which converts the HF band (0-50MHz) to a higher frequency I can receive with my dongle. The converter will work up to about 70MHz. Many of the available converters seemed quite pricey and not too well designed (no filtering on the local oscillator […]

I recently ordered an EzTV666 USB DVB-T stick from eBay. People have found out you can use these sticks as Software Defined Radios (SDR) which can receive radio signals in a very wide range of frequencies. The particular model I got has RTL2832 chip with an Elonics E4000 tuner chip. You can tune it from 64MHz to 1700MHz (with a small gap around 1150MHz). I needed to build an antenna for it and a […]