I have added support for single-track gray encoders to my Inkscape optical rotary encoder disk generator extension. In a nutshell single-track gray encoders are similar to binary-reflected gray encoders because they give absolute position with multiple sensors, and two adjacent positions can only differ by one least significant bit. The difference is that STG encoder has just one track with multiple sensors. This makes it possible to make radially smaller sensors because […]

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I added support for creating gray encoded absolute rotary encoder disks to my Inkscape extension (original post: Inkscape extension for creating optical rotary encoder discs). More specifically binary-reflected Gray code encoders! Basically these encoders enable you to get an absolute position of your encoder disk unlike normal rotary encoders which are incremental and cannot give you an absolute angle without knowing previous movements and starting point. With n number of tracks […]

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I developed an extension for Inkscape which can create optical rotary encoder discs in any size/number of segments. It currently supports single and two-track (quadrature) encoders but I’m going to add support for gray encoded discs as well. Post a comment if you have any other suggestions for additional features! Usage should be pretty straightforward, if you for example do not want a second track, just set its diameter to 0. […]

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I got around setting up a GitHub repository for the driver library for the OLED-displays I did a post about before (this). The library currently supports printing 5×7 font characters and turning single pixels on and clearing the whole display but I will keep working on it and add features as I go. What I’ll add soon is support for larger fonts and arbitrary font placement (currently you can just write […]