I got around setting up a GitHub repository for the driver library for the OLED-displays I did a post about before (this). The library currently supports printing 5×7 font characters and turning single pixels on and clearing the whole display but I will keep working on it and add features as I go. What I’ll add soon is support for larger fonts and arbitrary font placement (currently you can just write on the 4 pages of the display).

The library is made for Arduino 1.0 and I’m currently using avr-gcc 4.5.3. Library currently only supports 128×32 but converting it for 128×64 should be really simple. If you want to use the demo you must copy the font and the library files to the same folder to be able to use them since Arduino wants the .ino file to be in a folder that has the same name for some reason…

I’ll most likely split the library to a separate graphics/font handling part and then the actual interface library for the display when I get around to it.

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