I got around setting up a GitHub repository for the driver library for the OLED-displays I did a post about before (this). The library currently supports printing 5×7 font characters and turning single pixels on and clearing the whole display but I will keep working on it and add features as I go. What I’ll add soon is support for larger fonts and arbitrary font placement (currently you can just write […]

I needed a display for a project of mine and was just going to use a regular HD44780 -based text LCD display, until I spotted some very neat looking TINY OLED-displays from eBay. The displays are monochrome 128×32 pixel displays with a 4-wire SPI bus and they are around 30x11mm in size (the actual display area is under an inch diagonally!). The exact type of the displays is UG-2832HSWEG04. I found […]

Edit: Schematic had a bug, the INT pin on the DS3234 should be connected to pin 2 on the arduino, not the 32kHz pin! I updated the schematic. I bought a small aquarium (54l) as an impulse buy and I needed some lights for it, so naturally I wanted to use LEDs. I also needed a timer for the lights. I also wanted the lights to fade in and out […]